Kevin Quinn Heli-Ski Operator

  Carbon Cub / 1953 Cessna 180 / 1944 Stearman

High Sierra Fly-in / Oshkosh STOL Demo Team

Hello! I am a flying freak…seriously. It’s about all I think about. FLYING SAFELY IS WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT!  Between flying airplanes, running our heli-ski operation in Alaska (Points North), and of course, spending as much time in the ocean as possible, this is me.  I am now 49 years old and have been flying since I was a young kid with my pops while growing up in Alaska. About 48 years in all (if the time spent in the back seat of his airplanes counts).  I have an FAA Commercial Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate ticket with an Instrument rating. I currently have just over 9000 hours to total time, most in the off-airport environment. I am one of the founding members of the Flying Cowboys. Additionally, I’m an EMT trainer, Avalanche Educator, and a US Heli Ski Association Certified Heli-Ski Guide Trainer. In 2009 I created the High Sierra Fly-in. STOL Drag was my creation to follow a few years later at our HSF. STOL Drag Events LLC. is my entity.

Sharing my passion with others is something that I look forward to daily. I fly just about anything I can get my hands on. Airplane, Glider (sailplane) Paraglider, Skydive, Speed wing, you name it. I have been fortunate to fly a number of different aircraft including Helio Couriers, Super Cubs, Cessnas – 152, 172, 170, 180, 182, 185, 206, Beaver, Maule, Highlander, Stretch SuperStol and few Cirrus’. I also have a few hours of dual time in a Pilatus PC12 flying it to and from Alaska with a buddy but I’m more about the smaller planes with the backcountry access. Additionally, I have a number of hours dual time in an A-Star Helicopter with well over 1000 plus hours as a front seat passenger given the nature of my business in Alaska.

My business is aviation. My wife and I own and operate the largest heli-ski operation in the United States, Points North Heli-Adventures Inc., in Cordova Alaska for the past 22 years. Check out – I am former President of the United States Heli Ski Association (8 years served, elected by my peers).  In 2015 I was invited to be a part of a select group of pilots representing STOL at the world's largest fly-in, Oshkosh. Being a part of the Oshkosh STOL demo team is a true honor.  I am an EAA young Eagles Pilot with nearly 100 kids flown to date. That number changes almost weekly.  Safety and training is my primary responsibility in life. I’m a father of two children (5&9) and married to my beautiful wife Jessica (together now over 20 years) that lets me do all of this with her full support.

Currently, I own a 1953 Cessna 180, a highly modified Carbon Cub FX from Cub Crafters and a 1944 Stearman.  I’m “aktahoe” on the various backcountry flying forums.,, or the Skywagon forum.

My Instagram is @STOLPilot
My YouTube channel is:

I run several groups on Facebook including the Big Tire Backcountry Flier page, STOL Pilot, STOL Drag, and Points North Heli pages.

If you are interested in any of the training options below, click HERE or the CONTACT link in the menu bar up top and let us know what you'd like to accomplish!!


  • STOL Training
  • STOL Training
  • This is a comprehensive 2-Day mountain/canyon flying experience. The 2 days cover: Preparing the pilot and airplane for Mountain / Off-Airport Flying; Mountain and Canyon Meteorology; Navigation in Mountain and Canyon Areas; Emergency Canyon Turns, Density Altitude and Aircraft Performance; Landing Area Selection; Flying Mountains, Desert, and Canyons; Emergencies and Forced Landings; and Backcountry Etiquette.
  • Backcountry
  • Backcountry
  • The curriculum covers:
    Preparing the pilot and airplane for mountain and backcountry flight, flying the Steep Stabilized Approach, Emergency Canyon Turns, Density Altitude, Crossing Ridges, Box Canyons, Winds, Emergencies and so much more.
  • Mountains
  • Mountain Flying
  • The Fundamentals course is designed to give the basic fundamental skills of off-airport, mountain, and backcountry flying.
  • Tail Wheel
  • Tail Wheel
  • Get your tailwheel endorsement! Either in your own tailwheel aircraft or you can utilize mine, you just cannot solo it! I have a highly modified Carbon Cub and a highly modified 53, Cessna 180.
  • Pri/Comm
  • Primary/Commercial
  • I can help you achieve your flying goals!

    Become a Private Pilot, obtain your Commercial rating, get a Tailwheel endorsement, become a CFI.
  • Guided
  • Guided Trips

    We currently have a number of trips in the works. Interested in a guided tour of the Idaho Backcountry? We can rough it or we can stay in the nicest of backcountry lodges. We have options!