STOL Drag Operations Team

It takes a village to put on these events, but there are a couple of guys that direct that village if you have questions

Kevin Quinn Creator

Heli-Ski Operator
Creator of STOL DRAG
Creator of High Sierra Fly-in
Oshkosh STOL Demo Team

Kyle Bushman Pit Boss

Race Official
US certified Pilot
IA mechanic

John Walker Director of Operations

Private Pilot / IFR
RV-10 Owner/Builder
Reno Air Race Sport Class Crew Chief for Karl Grove-GA1

Bryan Forsyth Timing/Scoring

Glider Pilot
Tow Pilot
Tailwheel enthusiast.

Juan Browne Race Official

"Blancolirio" on YouTube
Airline Pilot
USAF Pilot

Roger Sewell Site Admin

1960 C-172B / RV-14 Co-Builder
Website Guru
Backcountry Aviation
Moto Explorer

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