High Sierra Fly In 2019

High Sierra Fly In 2019

Dead Cow Lakebad (map)

Enjoy the world's largest backcountry fly-in the the scenic desert of northern Nevada.

Join us at "Dead Cow" lakebed on Private property for camaraderie, bonfires, stargazing, a hosted BBQ, and of course backcountry flying adventures and STOL Drag racing.  

Drive in directions:


Pilot Info: 


Event Info and SignUp:

This year we are anticipating another very good turnout. In order to prepare and have actual number counts for caterers we need you to sign up. Suggested donation is $100 per person. If you would like, you can always donate more and its very much appreciated. 

Click HERE to Register ($125) to HSF

The fly-in includes: Dinner Saturday night, ALL firewood throughout the 3 days, porta-potties, etc., Live entertainment, Fireworks, Sunday breakfast and clean up crew . 

  • T-shirts will be for sale for $30

  • Hats will be for sale for $30


WEDNESDAY, October 16th

  • We will be at Dead Cow Lakebed setting up

THURSDAY, October 17th

  • 9am Arrivals - Fly outs


  • 9am- Depart for Breakfast (Catered) at BODAD then flying fun

  • YOU MUST REGISTER FOR BODAD when you arrive to the lakebed and must also have a capable aircraft. (TIRE SIZE HERE AND PERFORMANCE IS CRITICAL)

  • Noon - STOL Drag practise / qualifiers (Current and Former Champions do not need to qualify)

SATURDAY, October 20th

  • 9am STOL Drag Briefing

  • 10:30 am STOL DRAG / STOL Show - Prelims, Quarters, Semifinals and Final

  • 7:30 dinner - Large Bonfire - Guest Speaker, Band, Awards, RAFFLE & So much more!

SUNDAY, October 21st

7:30am breakfast (Catered) 

  • Lakebed clean up (Participation from all campers is encouraged)

  • Fly home


The HSF has a Leave No Trace Policy. What you bring in, you MUST pack out! When the event is over the desert needs to look as if we were never there! 


  • No Pallets with nails

  • Pets welcome, however pets must be under control at all times.

  • Campers must police themselves late night. Late night racing of off road vehicles around camp and airplanes is not tolerated. 2017 this was an issue and cannot happen again. Please help police this.

  • Pilots must have good tie downs.

  • Please use the designated shooting area if target shooting is your thing. This only enhances the safety of our event.

STOL Drag / STOL Registration

All competitors MUST send an email here to sign up for STOL DRAG. All racers must pre-qualify for Saturday’s main event.

*Due to the limited number of allowed competitors, racers from years past have priority sign up. If you have not raced STOL DRAG before, you will need to qualify on Friday with a competitive time in order to race on Sunday