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We are AOPA pilots. Hundreds of thousands strong and spanning 75 countries, we represent the largest aviation community in the world.What does it mean to be an AOPA pilot? For many of us, it means taking the controls of an aircraft and living out a dream that humans have pursued throughout the ages. For some, it means an aspiration to learn to fly, and for still others it simply means an unbridled enthusiasm for aviation and a desire to share it with others.



Your leading source for tailwheel training and STOL Drag. TacAero strives to create aviators, not just pilots, and one way we do this is by specializing in tailwheel training. From private pilot instruction to advanced backcountry operations, we train our students to not only fly the airplane but to master their skills at every stage.


Jim Richmond is one of those fortunate people who have made a successful career of something they love. In Jim's case, it's a deep appreciation of an iconic airplane: The Piper Super Cub. Back in 1980, after a thorough fact-finding trip to Alaska (where the Super Cub is a favorite bush plane), Jim made the decision to sell his home insulation business and switch to rebuilding Super Cubs thus CubCrafters was born.


Airframes Alaska is an aviation fabrication and engineering company building fuselages, parts, and legendary Alaskan Bushwheels for hardworking bush planes. We're located in Chugiak, Alaska. Our 40 employees proudly support thousands of worldwide customers in their pursuit of life beyond runways.


The DynaVibe GX3 has everything you need to dynamically balance prop assemblies while also including the capabilities of a full vibration analyzer in a small, easy-to-use, and affordable handheld system.


Our focus at Acme Aero Fab is to provide products to make your aircraft safer, lighter and perform better overall. We have been able to use our combined experience of over 25 years in fabrication and problem solving as well as the relationships we maintain to offer shocks for all types of Bush and STOL aircraft.